Maxi Compact


Project Detail


This is the model in the COMPACT range with the largest capacity, ideal for those companies that have block or frame cutting lines together with polishing lines because its filter press has a dewatering capacity almost four times higher than the Mini Compact L model.


This is also the facility that differs most from all the others while remaining a compact model given that water clarification and sludge dewatering still occur on a common platform. However, unlike the other systems of the range, the Maxi Compact is equipped with a two-speed impeller pump for feeding the filter press. In this way, the filling of the filter press and subsequent compression occur more quickly (approx. 15-20 minutes), allowing continuous operation. Furthermore, for greater performance, a tank for collecting the clarified water has been included within the plant, doing away with the need for an underground or external tank and allowing quick and easy sediment cleaning. Thanks to the presence of this clarified water collection tank, it was possible to provide an automatic system for replenishing the water inside the preparation tank and dosage of the flocculant. Many components, common in all other installations, are replaced in this model in order to offer ever greater reliability for the dewatering of greater amounts of sludge.


As with all the other COMPACT plants, also the MAXI was conceived with the idea of loading it onto a standard container. For this reason, we have inserted a lamellar pack within the cylinder to increase the clarification capacity while keeping the volume and thus dimensions to a minimum. The plant fits a standard gauge 40-foot container.

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