Mono SP D


Project Detail

This is a calibration and polishing machine with a single trolley that supports two spindle units, one that works at a fixed height for calibration and the other that works with pneumatic pressure for polishing.


It is the ideal machine for those who work slabs of precious and semi-precious materials, which for their particular composition and high value require perfect calibration and equally perfect polishing with minimal handling of the slabs to avoid costly breakage during transportation.


The main feature of this machine, which distinguishes it from the traditional Mono Sp model, is the spindle unit on the head carrier trolley with reduction motor driven vertical movement. This allows the spindle to work at a fixed height to calibrate the slab thickness in one or more passes depending on the amount of material to be removed. The structure of the calibration and polishing machine has skilfully been made strong to eliminate any anomalous movement that could cause imperfections in the finish when working on delicate and valuable materials.

In this version the calibration and polishing operations on a series of slabs are done automatically, independently of the slab thickness. This is made possible by software developed specially to manage the two processing phases independently for this particular type of work.

Technical Sheet