Mono SP


Project Detail

This is an automatic slab polishing machine with 3 axes of which two are interpolated for finishing (polishing, grinding, bush hammering, sand blasting) slabs of marble, granite and composite materials as well as concrete panels.


It is the ideal machine for those needing various finishes on slabs of different thicknesses as well as for finishing series of slabs of the same thickness. It is ideal for the small business that needs a flexible polishing area without high production capacity that allows surface finishing of slabs or parts of them, and also for the large finishing business that needs internal finishing capability for slabs and semi-finished products.


The standard version of the machine is made without a work bench, with two sliding tracks, of which one is at ground level to facilitate loading and unloading of the machine, with an effective working length of 8 m and effective width of 2.1 m, sufficient for positioning two large slabs. An arc welded steel bridge runs on the two recirculating ball rails that allow the spindle trolley to move. The latter can be lowered and raised by a pneumatic cylinder to obtain a perfect finish on the slabs. A pressure and counter pressure control system has been installed to optimise the desired level of finish on any kind of material.

The spindle is rotated by a V-belt drive.

To allow the operator to manage and monitor all stages of the processing, the machine is equipped with a platform at the side from which the personnel can easily perform the slab acquisition and subsequent processing operations.

The spindle has been designed and manufactured with considerable dimensions to allow continuous use even on several shifts and with processes such as bush hammering that severely stress the machine’s structure.

The shape of the slab is acquired by positioning the head over the sensitive points of the slab and performing an acquisition. An infinite number of points can be acquired in order to perform precise finishing on slabs of any shape.

Technical Sheet