About Us

Our Story

Dal Prete is a family from Valpolicella in Italy, specialized since 1946 in machinery for the processing of stone and marble. Today, brothers Renzo and Adriano Dal Prete, together with Anna Marostica and a series of partners, continue to follow personally all processes of creation and implementation. Dal Prete works hard for a concrete goal: to meet the needs of our inestimable customers, supplying them with high-tech, efficient and innovative products and all the necessary know-how to get the most out of them, quickly and clearly.

Dal Prete specializes in the production of high-tech systems for the clarification of waste water, with various solutions for the recycling of water, the prime and key resource of any marble and granite workshop. Over the years we have ever increasingly specialized in the development of system solutions that take into account the evolution of sustainable development, with an increasingly innovative adaptation to regulatory compliance relating to waste management.

Our aim is to support our client companies, for whom we act as partners, consultants, analysts, problem-solvers, as well as, of course, suppliers of efficient machinery and installations that bring operational and strategic advantages to business activities. We operate globally offering our know-how and delivering excellence to foster a more sustainable future and utmost quality for our customers.

Contact us directly. We will be happy to offer our support for the most efficient solution to your need. And all to the advantage of environmental sustainability.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Value of Tradition

Today, marble has become a product that stimulates international meetings on every continent. However, a tradition of relationship with stone and with all that ennobles its processing cannot be reduced to a generation.

There are few places and companies in which marble has truly been worked for centuries, since the time of the ancient Romans, the first masters of its beauty.

And if quarries can make places famous for the extraction of a particular type of stone, what ennobles the stone is its processing and the tools used to do so.

It was right here, in Sant’Ambrogio in Valpolicella, our small town, just one of the 8,047 Italian municipalities, that came to life the first trade fair in the world for marble and machinery for its processing: MarmoMacc.

And it is here that, generation to generation, we hand down the unparalleled art and culture of stone and the finest technology for its processing.