Just Water


Project Detail


This is a 5 or 20 micron filtration system suitable for companies that use special CNC mandrels whose tools have two cooling lines, one external and one internal. Given the high speed of operation, the particular precision of components and the high cost of replacement of any damaged parts, internal cooling is required by all CNC manufacturers to use water with extremely strict characteristics in terms of the size and concentration of solid particles. Until now there were two solutions:

  • Use drinking water for the internal cooling
  • Use cartridge or sand filters to filter the water

Unfortunately, cartridge and sand filters have great disadvantages in terms of clogging and management and consequently are increasingly abandoned. This is why the Just Water system was conceived. The name was chosen to express the system’s extreme ease of use and almost no required maintenance. Some of the features that make it unique and ideal are listed here:

  • The stainless steel build generates no industrial waste as parts do not require periodic replacement or specific maintenance.
  • The system is controlled by automatic cycle software, which includes filtering and backwashing phases.
  • The system is built in 304 stainless steel, a high quality steel that ensures the filter has an extremely long life-cycle and high protection against rust.
  • Three Just Water models can be combined to obtain different capacities. For example you can combine two 250 models       to obtain one 500 model.