Traditional Plants


Project Detail


For companies that produce large amounts of sludge and require large amounts of cooling water, Dal Prete Engineering has researched and developed tailored solutions with specific layouts for an efficient management of sludge even in extremely problematic conditions. These systems are particularly suitable for companies specialized in certain processes, also on behalf of others, for example, block, frame or multiline cutting or continuous polishing of slabs, or companies that cover almost the entire production cycle from cutting blocks to the production of tiles and other semi-finished products.


In this type of plant water clarification and sludge dewatering functions are physically separated, each having its own control panel connected on on-site installation.

The plant is equipped with the following components:


  • Submerged pump for loading the sludge into the clarifier
  • Clarifier with sludge loading pipe and pneumatic sludge discharge system
  • Preparation, storage and flocculant automatic dosing unit
  • Clarification electric control panel


  • Sludge storage and homogenization tank
  • Filter press feed pump
  • Automatic filter press
  • Filter press support platform
  • Filter press access ladder

All the decanters are divided into segments which are screwed together at the customer’s premises. This allows transport by container, without the need to resort to expensive delivery methods.