The following questionnaire helps us prepare an offer for a water treatment plant suited to the needs and structure of your company.


The quantity of water that the companies need depends on how much water each machine uses. At your left, you find a table with the water need for the most of the machine you can find in the workshop.

The previous information are to prepare an offer for a water treatment plant, right to the needs and structure of the company.

To take the sample of dirty water for our tests to offer the right polyelectrolyte you have to follow the following instructions:

  • The suggested quantity of dirty water is 25 lt, the minimum one is 20 lt.
  • You have to take the sample from the dirty water tank and from the bottom if possible.
  • If possible they should tell you which kind of polyelectrolyte they are using.
  • Ask if, more than the dirty water, they have other problems (bacteria, algae, bad smelling, skin problems, etc.)
  • Signal which kind of production they have and which material they process (marble, granite, ceramic, engineered stone, beton, glass)