The Dal Prete approach: a complete service


Competence, experience
& know-how always personalized

To fully understand the needs of our customers is fundamental.

What they produce, what machines they already use, what materials they work with and their positioning are only the very first aspects that allow us to define custom solutions tailored to needs. But Dal Prete goes much further. Our consultative approach incorporates a detailed analysis of the environment in which each company operates, as well as elements that characterize its production process, including water and its management.

Various specific analyzes are conducted, starting from water sampling and testing, in order to offer a targeted solution at the polyelectrolyte level. The analyzes are based on the criteria of sustainable impact, in terms of waste and the machines themselves, as well as volume and longevity, which can affect revenue and the real costs of our customers.

Because every machine is subject to wear and is an integral part of a production process whose variables, such as the consumption volume of water or waste management, can critically affect its sustainability.

Dal Prete offers its know-how for the development of ever improving products and processes, taking into full account everything that may affect each function. We consider every variable, from the evaluation of bacteriological factors to the correct calibration of functional aspects of each product, such as suction, filtration, clarification, polishing, cutting and so on.

And comprehensive assessments of overall efficiency.

Because efficiency comprises a set of factors that also impact the welfare of operators, the surrounding environment and the very competitiveness of your company.

For this reason, we are always attentive to every innovative, technical and technological aspect that promotes efficiency and sustainability. At your side to offer comprehensive analysis and the best solution for your company. This is the DP Factor.